Custom Elastic and kibana plugin support

Just wondering on the status of adding custom kibana and elastic plugins are to a cluster in ece.
There some documentation but that looks like the cloud version not the On Premise version

Custom Kibana plugins are not currently supported

Custom ES plugins and bundles work the same way a in the Cloud version, except there is currently no upload API - you have to host them on a web server accessible from the allocator hosts and then specify them in the advanced JSON for the cluster or the deployment template - an example of how to do that is here (user_bundles and user_plugins, note has to be present for every element in the cluster_topology array)


One thing to add about Kibana is that a common workaround it to install a "self-managed" Kibana and connect it to a hosted Elasticsearch cluster. This is not ideal, but should provide a feasible solution until official Kibana plugin support is added.

Another option is to convert Kibana plugin to vega. This option highly depends on what type of plugin you are using, but if applicable has a lot of other benefits, mainly around version compatibility.

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