Custom Field on the workplace Display Setting


In the search application in Workplace Search I want to add at the end of the URL link Something like #toto=tata

In the display settings I don't find nothing, just the comment but don't now if it's possible to put some internal WS variable.

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Heya Jeremy -

Can you please provide an example of what you are looking to achieve? Are you looking to add parameters at the end of a URL as captured by a first-party content source such as Google Drive? Or a Custom Source?

Hello Jonas,

In my Workplace Search, I search a phrase:

When I pick the pdf link, it open new browser page like:

I would like to add dynamically the search URL because It's I think more comfortable for customers to go directly where there find the expression or phrase:

or go to the corresponding page:

I don't now if there are any solution.

Thank you very much,


Hey @jeje232,

We don't currently support the ability to link to a dynamic URL anchor based on the search query or result set.

If I've misunderstood the request and you just want to indicate that navigating to a result is coming from Workplace Search, then you could simply index the document with a URL that includes a parameter that indicates it came from Workplace Search.


Hi Ross,
Thanks for you answer.

I think I did not explain myself correctly. I search a way to add at the pdf url contain of the workplace-search search expression. this information just could be used dynamically when Workaplace find pdf's results.

Anyway I'm not investigated any more but in the next day will be fallowing with it.

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