Custom Metric not Adding Host.geo.country_name

  - add_host_metadata:
          name: server-1
          country_name: PK
          country_iso_code: PK
          city_name: Karachi

after providing add_host_metadata still country_name is not adding below is output of beat

{ "@timestamp": "2020-08-24T10:15:47.394Z", "@metadata": { "beat": "strongswan", "type": "_doc", "version": "8.0.0" }, "strongswan": { "strongswan": { "counter": 1 } } "event": { "dataset": "strongswan.strongswan" }, "host": { "hostname": "inspiron-15-3567", "geo": { "country_iso_code": "PK", "city_name": "Karachi", "name": "server-1" }, "platform": "ubuntu" } }

Hi @Hassaan_mustafa :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you open a Github issue in Beats repo? I think it's a mistake in the docs because I think we don't parse any country_name in that config, only country_iso_code



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