Custom pattern - Telephone number and others


I trying to capture specific fields in log like a phone_number.

In grok debbuger, i try this (regular expression found) :


Entry : 0614151612

Result : Not found.

I try this too :


(the < in the wrong sens its ok, else it's doesn't display ^^)

Hi @Beuhlet_Reseau ,

try this one:


worked in the debugger with the string 0614151612 and also +33614151612

Oh thank you it's work !

To pay attention to the space (or bizarre line break) between fields, I must use the function Notspace ?

value1|value2 [SPACE] value2|value3| [SPACE] value4|
[SPACE] + [BREAK LINE] value5


You see what i mean ? ^^

(because the upload of my logs is really disastrous because of the spaces between the logs, after the logs ...)

Hi @Beuhlet_Reseau ,

you can use also something like \s for space and \n for new line.

value1|value2 value2|value3| value4|


\x7c is looking for |

think the easiest way is to try the grok debugger and also take a look at the default patterns, that's the way i did it at the beginning.

Grok debug
Grok patterns
regex editor

hope that helps


Thank you @lueneburger

In the grok debug website my request is too long and it's return me a timeout...

\x7c is better than [|] to cut fields ?

The \s is the same than %{SPACE} ?

(\s it's not recognized in grok debug it's normal ?)

Hi @Beuhlet_Reseau

should work, just type in the patterns without match => [ "message", "...."] or show the request here.

and that's only one log event?

One line is composed of 60 fields.

My grok have 60 pattern (lots of DATA to test conf)

When i start logstash it's indicate :

[2017-02-20T15:08:12,532][WARN ][logstash.filters.grok ] Timeout executing grok

After a difficult start it sends lines but cut in the middle (I suppose it Because of the presence of a large space in my lines).

It's very complicated :confused:

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