Custom Plugin Development for Kibana

I want to develop custom plugin for Kibana version 6.7.

I tried following "" this but unable to proceed as the version of Elasticsearch and Kibana is not matching. In Github checked out code for Kibana is at version 6.7.3(for 6.7 version) and for Elasticsearch it is at 6.7.2(for 6.7 version).

So, I would like to know how to build custom plugin and how to install that to show it as visualisation in Kibana?


in your dev-project, check out the 6.7 branches on Kibana.

Use the

> yarn es snapshot

command to download and start a matching version of Elasticsearch

More information on that here

Thanks for the answer. I want to build custom plugin but I didn't find any reference on how to build it with code snippet for Kibana version 6.7.2.

@Prashant_Pandey Have you find any reference for build custom plugin?
I also want to build but not finding anything specific.
Please share if you have any good reference.

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