Custom pugin version

Hello, I have a custom plugin and I'd like to know if it's possible to make the version dynamique directly in rally.ini's [distributions] section ? The plugin does not follow elasticsearch's version numbers as there are multiple plugin versions for a single elastic version, so placeholder {{VERSION}} doesn't work in this case.
I'm aware that I can build it from sources with specific git revision using --revision flag but I'd like to avoid that as it's already build and published somewhere.


I am not sure I understood everything correctly based on your description so please tell me if I got it wrong. :slight_smile: You should be able to override the plugin download URL in ~/.rally/rally.ini as specified in the docs:


i.e. you can hardcode the URL; there is no need to use {{VERSION}}.

you can also probably "fake" your custom variations by having multiple plugins in there (not tested):


You should be able to refer to your plugin then on the command line with --elasticsearch-plugins=myplugin-2.3.4. It might be a bit inconvenient this way (depending on how many custom versions you have) but I hope that helps.


Hello, thanks for the reply.
I didn't think about your variation but it's not really convenient in my case as I have decades of version and I'll need to keep rally.ini up to date when a new release is done.
I gave it some thoughts and finally came to the conclusion that the best compromise is using --revision flag rather asking for a new feature in github that will not be so usefull.

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