Custom ukrainian analyzer


I am trying to use the analyzer from the Ukrainian Analysis plugin with Elasticsearch 6.0.1.

I cannot figure out how to integrate it with my html_strip and word_delimiter filters.

  "settings": {
    "analysis": {
      "filter": {
        "ukrainian_stop": {
          "type":     "stop",
          "stopwords": "_ukrainian_"
      "analyzer": {
        "default": {
          "tokenizer": "standard",
          "char_filter": ["html_filter"],
          "filter": [
              " --- ukrainian stemming --  ???",

The ukrainian plugin seems not to declare any stemmer, AFAICS. I was using the hunspell based ukrainian stemming but wanted to switch to the morfologik one.


Is it perhaps possible with later version of elasticsearch 6.3.0?

Or is this a limitation of the underlying Lucene module?!

Would be grateful for any pointers, thanks!

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