Custom Visualisation using Vega for creating Tag Clous

I need some help regarding building a custom Vega Tag Cloud. So, my idea here is that we are giving scores to some of the words. So, if a word is negative it should show red color and if it is positive it should show green and if it is neutral it should show yellow. But, I and my team don't know how to build one. Need someone to help us in building a custom visualization Tag Cloud.

Hey @Shashank02

Here is some information on how to set up a word-cloud using Vega.

Word Cloud Example | Vega (If you copy and paste this one in the Vega Editor in KIbana, then you will be able to start playing with it and configuring it)

Elastic Vega documentation: Vega | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic

Hope this helps you on moving forward with your task.

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