Custom X-axis visual range


i have this graph here:

as you can see, there are a lot of values (1001), so the X-axis gets pretty loaded visually. Is it possible to change the interval of values that appear in the x-axis without changing the shape of the graph? Or maybe even hide the x-axis values?

Is Service a number field? If so perhaps you could create a histogram instead of using the terms agg. If it's a string field you're in a tougher spot. In 5.0 you could create a Painless scripted field based on Service which reduces the number of unique values and run the terms agg on that.

Yes it is a number field and i have tried the Histogram option, but if i set the interval for example to 10, what will happen is that the data will agreggate (don't know if it is the right word) every 10 points and show only a minimum/maximum/..... of each 10 points
I want to always have the real value, for every point

Ah apologies, I misunderstood the question. You want to keep the exact same data, but clean up the x-axis. There's no way to do that at the moment. That'd make a good enhancement request on our github repo though.