Customise labels showing on a pie graph

Hello all,

Can someone point me in the right direction for customising the labels showing on a pie graph in a Kibana dashboard? Is it possible?

I have a document property which has values of customer_maildir, customer_maildir_junk, rejected_spam and rejected_virus. These are showing as literal labels on a pie graph but I would like to show "Delivered", "Delivered (Junk)", "Rejected (Spam)" and "Rejected (Virus)" accordingly.



  • Bob -

Hello Bob,

You can add custom labels for your aggregations. The field is called custom label and its on visualization editor on the right side.


Hi Bhavya,

Thanks for your reply - I mean the values themselves - in your case the value "Zurich" makes good sense, but with mine I would like to have the actual value show as something different.


- Bob -

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