Customise time display on Xaxis


I've noticed that when I do an aggregation on timestamps, the full date will not always be displayed. When interval is > 60m the time is fully displayed with formatYYYY-MM-DD HH:mm but when interval is small, it only displays HH:mm making it harder to know which day it was.
Here is an illustration of the two cases, created with the Errors count over time visualization from (so I guess it's the last version)

Is there a way to customize the Xaxis timestamp display so that interval smaller than 60m can also have the date displayed ?

Hello Guillaume,

I suspect that chart display is optimizing over the intervals. @lukeelmers can we please get your input here?

I tried with field formatters but that didn't make a difference.


Unfortunately, I don't believe that this is something you can configure currently. Check out this post on the topic for more details.

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