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I am using Kibana 5.3 and Is there a way i can set y axis as custom interval in line chart and bar charts

Example: The time field of format HH:mm:ss in y axis is to be displayed as 1:00,2:00(that is custom interval of 1 hour).Is the same applicable for numbers(Ex to set custom interval of 5)

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Time axis display format can be modified by setting the "advanced settings" dateFormat:scaled. The time interval is determined by the date_histogram aggregation interval. If you want one hour intervals then set the "Buckets / Interval" to "Hourly". I don't think there is a way to set a custom interval for the axis that is displaying "Metric" results.

Timelion,, may be another option that provides lots of ways to customize the axises.

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Thanks @Nathan_Reese
But I need this interval for y axis so that before hovering the data ,value is visible to some extent

I tried with timelion with kibana 5.5 but I am unable to scale the date format along y axis.
Is there a way this can be done?

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Is time on the y-axis? If so, then create a "Horizontal Bar" visualization. The aggregation will be displayed on the y-axis.

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yes @Nathan_Reese Time is along y axis .Creating horizontal bar visualization seems a good way still the points are in increasing in top-down rather than bottom-up when i plot as a horizontal bargraph

In this case i need the whole graph to be reversed

I need time in y axis in a hourly format that is in metrics.Is there a way this can be done?

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