Timestamp on y-axis vs custom field on x-axis

I am trying to plot a custom field on the x-axis with the timestamp on the y-axis. I see that I can choose among different fields on the x-axis but the y-axis is fixed to different data metrics like count. How can I customize the y-axis to timestamp?

Create a horizontal bar chart to put time histogram on the y-axis

Sorry, when I use horizontal bar I get count on the x-axis and my custom temperature field on the y-axis. I still cannot get timestamp to be on the y-axis. I'm hoping to create a line graph with timestamp on the y-axis and temperature field on the x-axis.

Sorry, I've found that I should be using the timelion data visualization. I am wondering if it's possible to plot time vs a particular field instead of an index. If not, how can I create a particular index based on a particular field, eg: temperature?

Resolved: we had to convert our custom temperature field (which by default is of datatype string) into a number by adding :int in our grok filter as follows: %{TEMPERATURE: temperature:int}.
Then, we went to the "line" option under visualization and selected "Top Hit" as our aggregation on the y-axis, selected our temperature field, aggregated with min, and then sorted by @timestamp.
On the x-axis, we selected terms and then @timestamp as the field.

Would be helpful to update this on some sort of documentation if possible for others in the future as plotting 2 fields on a graph should be rather intuitive, thanks!

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