Set y axis extents

I am using Kibana 5.Is there a way to set ymax and ymin for time of format HH:mm:ss

Hi @Padmavathy,

the ymin and ymax fields are number fields and as such do not accept dates as input. But if the date displayed on the y-axis is stored as a timestamp, you can use unix timestamp values in these fields.

A simple way to convert dates to timestamps is using the date utility on linux or macos systems, e.g.

$ date -d '2008-01-01 09:17:53' '+%s'

Normally time is in the X-axis. but generally, you can have automatic y-axis data range bounds or set static min and max bounds for y-axis in option --> Set Y-Axis Extents and cale Y-Axis to Data Bounds.

Thanks @weltenwort but i have range of dates.When i set extent as epoch time i am not able to visualize the points.can you help with this issue

Could you tell me a bit more about the structure of your data? What do you use as the y- and x-axis aggregations, what types and value ranges do the fields have?

I am using date in x axis with datehistogram and time in y axis with 24 hour format ranging from 00 to 24 .what I need is to display time lets say from 4am to 6pm.I tried with epoch points are not getting plotted

So the field on the y-axis is of the integer (or short/byte) type? What aggregation are you using on the y-axis?

No its not of integer type.Its of type date and i have given min as aggregation.I am displaying time in format HH:mm:ss which i configured in the index pattern settings

In that case specifying the lower and upper bounds as timestamps in the y-minand y-max fields should work. Just make sure to specify them in milliseconds, since this is the timestamp precision Elasticsearch uses at the moment.

Formatted date strings can not be used in these fields, I'm afraid.

Thank you @weltenwort

when i set yaxis to data bounds i get the whole graph but i am not able to set a specific time frame

I have tried using milliseconds in set yaxis extents but i get a straight line.The time frame is adjusted say i set from 5 am to 8 pm it gets filtered out but i get a straight line instead of a line graph

i need a line graph with multiple points and within a specified time frame.Is this possible?

It looks like all values are below your y-min threshold. Have you accounted for the fact that the timestamp is usually in the UTC time zone?

Even if the value is above my y-min threshold i still get a straight line and i have set the timestamp to browser settings in Advanced Settings tab

When treating the timestamp values as numbers (which is what we do here) they are not timezone-adjusted.

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