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I have an event_count field which is NUMBER:int, and I want to see it for a period of 1 week for example.
But I want to use an interval of eight hours which is easy at this point with the interval field, but not from midnight to midnight, from 5 AM to 5 AM. How can I do that ? Thank you

I might be misunderstanding your question, but I think you could just set the beginning of the time interval in the date picker (top right corner) to midnight of the day you want to start on.

Thanks for your answer.

I tried this :


But as you can see, it prints an interval of twelve hours :


I want to start from the first june at 5 AM with an interval of 8 hours (the first at 5AM, then at 1PM, then 9PM, then the second 5AM etc ...)

Ah I see, you're running into the auto scaling Kibana does if it thinks an interval will create too many bars in a date histogram. You can control this with the "Maximum bars" setting in Advance Settings.

I get rid of it, but same problem, it doesn't print the desired interval

I want from 5 AM to 5 AM with 3 intervals (5AM to 1PM, 1PM to 9PM, 9PM to 5 AM)
But it prints from midnight to midnight with 0AM to 8AM, 8AM to 4PM, 4PM to midnight


It looks like the elasticsearch date histogram agg always starts at midnight by default. We can change that with the offset parameter though. You can configure it for your chart using the advanced JSON input in the vis editor.

Wonderful ! Thank you Bargs !!

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