Kibana visualization Interval change automatic issue

Hello All,

I've selected timerange as 90 days(quick select),then applied visualization interval
as >=15m but in visualization the interval is showing per "12 hours" automatically,Note:Everytime the quick select option
is changed then "per 12 hoursl also changes",I want to customize this "12 hours " interval to any X minutes,ex 5m 10m 20m etc as per customer needs.
How can this be achieved?
Any suggestion would be helpful.
ELK Version:7.9.1

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The TSVB time series chart has an upper bound limit for the number of buckets to show, which is enforced in case the user ask for too many buckets.
You can change the maximum histogram bar number via Advanced Settings in the Stack Management panel in Kibana.
Please keep in mind that changing that number would have an impact on both your Elasticsearch side and also in terms of readability for the user.

On the specific issue of having 15m buckets on a 90 days timespan, if each bucket (bar) would use only 1 screen pixel, it would still require 8000+ pixels ( 4 * 24 * 90 ) which is a lot: it would be impossible for a user with a regular screen to even see a specific bar.

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

Thanx for looking into this! Got your point, will check accordingly.

Many Thanx


If you use lens there is a cool normalize time unit feature in the data histogram that you can you use so you can always get the same rate regardless of the time frame..

So example you can always show records / min no matter what your time scale is

Ohh darn just realized you said version 7.9 (this feature will not be available)
7.9 is getting pretty old! you would get many more feature if you could upgrade to say 7.17 and it should be compatible (of course test)

Hi @stephenb ,

Thanx for taking your time to look into this.I'm sooner planning to migrate into latest stable
version of elk.Can you please give link or point of contact to get into touch with elastic team
to discuss about our needs and enviornment setup and how licensing cost work.
We are planning to migrate elk in prod,dev and staging enviornments and need to have clear understanding of cost and env needs.


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