How can i change the @timestamp in a dashboard?

I want to change the timestamp from @timestamp per 12 hours to per seconds,if that's possible.

Hey @Raul_dum :wave:,

Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, there is no way to explicitly set the interval of the histogram at the dashboard level. It looks like this issue may be the feature request for such a thing see [Controls] Date histogram interval input control · Issue #134591 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. So currently that leaves you with two options, both of which are set at the visualization level...

The first, is set the interval in the visualization to auto. This is set differently depending on the visualization (i.e. Lens, TSVB, etc.). Using auto, the interval will be determined based on the global time picker and applied to all auto-interval visualizations within the dashboard.

The second option is to hardcode the interval to a given duration. This allows you to set the exact interval but this is only applied to that visualization and not to all. Another downside of this option is that the interval will not adapt to the global time picker duration and could exceed the bucket count limit of Elasticsearch (i.e. search.max_buckets), think last 90 days with an interval of 1second. In such cases, the visualization will throw an error as shown below.

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