Adjusting Time Intervals from Dashboard

I'm making several dashboards, and would like to make it easy to adjust the time interval for a graph directly from the dashboard.

Right now, I have each visualization set to automatically adjust the date range interval based on the time picker, but would like to have either different default intervals than the ones that exist (e.g., daily interval for a 1-month range instead of 12-hour intervals) or an easy and quick way to change the interval without exiting the dashboard to edit the visualization.

Is this possible? Thank you!


Hi Jacqueline,

if I understand you correctly, you have several charts, with a data histogram aggregation with the interval set to auto.

You now would like to either change all these auto intervals to something specific of daily interval (without editing all charts individually) or you would like to set what "auto" interval should be used, depending on whatever time picker range you chose (e.g. if you select 1 month, it should fallback to daily bars)?

Changing the interval of all visualizations at the same time is unfortunately not possible (at least not without you hacking together some code, that would do that).

However you have limited ways of manipulating the auto interval. If you go to Management -> Advanced Settings you can search for "histogram". With the value histogram:barTarget you can change how many bars should be created in the graph. So setting this to 30 would cause you daily bars when you select a month range. Unfortunately you can only set here one value, meaning you cannot specify multiple values depending on the time range. So if your desired value for all time ranges isn't by coincidence always 30 that most likely won't help you much either.

Sorry, there is currently no better way then the two above. If you wish I can open an feature request for your use-case, and maybe an Elastic or community member finds some time to look into it, though no guarantee how soon that would be.



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