Customize field name in dynamic template

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Hi All,

Can I customize filed name in dynamic template? For example, I have
fields like "twitter_title", "twitter_body","blog_title","blog_body" , and
there could be more fields with format "xxx_title","xxx_body" which are
added from front-end, then I want mapping "twitter_title" and
"twitter_body"to field “twitter”, mapping "xxx_title" and "xxx_body" to
"xxx", are there any way for this kind of mapping?

I find there are some sample dynamic templates which append string to field
name, but I request to truncate field name..., here is sample to append
string to field name.

dynamic_templates" : [
"string_template" : {
"match" : "*",
"match_mapping_type" : "string",
"mapping" : {
"type" : "multi_field",
"fields" : {
"{name}" : {"type": "string", "index" :
"analyzed", "analyzer" : "default", "store" : "false"},
"untouched" : {"type": "string", "index" :
"analyzed", "analyzer" : "default", "store" : "false"}



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