Customizing data table visualization column

How can i customize data table visualization in kibana ? it is possible to customize data table header color and style with kibana 6.6.0 ?

It's not customizable, unfortunately.

even if i change the code source ?

If you can change the source code, then just about anything is possible. :slight_smile:

In that case, I'd just write a custom visualization. It's not too hard to render a table and make it look the way you want, if you know how to write JS + HTML + CSS.

thank you for your return :smile:
Already done but for exemple in the same dashboard i have 2 data sets and every data set has a colour and a style and when i change the source code of the data set it will be the same changes for the 2 data sets and i want to do some changes for the first one only how can i do these ? if it is possible which file can i edit?
And i'm actually using kibana on windows 10 after changing the source code can you please suggest me how can i rebuild kibana on windows 10?

Hrm... I've never built Kibana on Windows. Here's the build guide:

If I were to try it, I'd probably turn on the Linux subsystem and try running the build from that. I'm curious to know how it goes, if you try that!

On windows 10 there's no need to build after doing some changes you must refresh the page :smiley:
i'm actually working on kibana 7 and i want to install the enhanced table plugin but I haven't found the compatible version i tried the version 6 and it doesn't work !!

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