Customizing Kibana 7.x

Hi All,

I wanted to customize the logo of Kibana or probably add my company's logo in conjunction with kibana's logo itself on kibana7.x

Can anyone please help me in finding a document for the same?

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The paths on 7.x changed though so keep that in mind but otherwise that method should work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in 7.4 (and probably later, haven't tried yet) setting the logo transparency no longer appears to work. Instead you can hack around that by changing the offset of the logo to some higher value so it falls outside the visible frame.

In a way, are you saying that you are not sure about 7.x yet?

No, the changes will work. You just need to keep in mind the file paths changed in 7.x. In case of the logo changing the transparency doesn't work anymore in 7.4 (and presumably in 7.5, I haven't tried yet). Another workaround for the logo is to change the position so it falls outside of the visible area and the place your own logo as per the description.

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