Cycle through Dropdown Filter Values every minute in Canvas


In Kibana, is there any way that I can have the canvas automatically change the dropdown filter value chosen every minute? E.g. Location - 00000D changes to Location - 000064 after 1 minute and changes again after another minute. Your quick response would be appreciated. Thank you.



Hi Angad,

Canvas (or anywhere in Kibana) doesn't have a feature like this. But Canvas can cycle automatically through pages of a workpad. It's in the View menu Autoplay settings. Note that you have to click the icon near the top right to go into fullscreen mode before it will cycle through the pages.

To make a new page in Canvas, click the < page 1 > at the bottom, and then click the + at the far right side. You can click+drag to select everything on a page and copy/paste to another page. I had to close and reopen the workpad after doing that to get everything working.


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