Daily index vs hourly index, which is better for Search in period of month?

Hi There,
We have an indexing which is growing around 1.4 TB per day.
this daily index have 4 million documents almost.
each daily index has 6 primary shards and no replicas.
we have 2 physical server (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS)
server A : 3 master only node and 3 data node.
server B : 2 master only node and 2 data node and 1 data-master eligible node.
we used Elasticsearch 7.12.0 and nodes was done with Docker, Figured out the Java heap of 31 GB for each nodes.
about the use case: write is heavy and indexing data currently it is running all time and is pretty fast.
Its a platform which will be used by 100 members at least. but may not be concurrent. Search queries are performed for a period of one month.
documents generally immutable and do not update.
some configs for nodes are:

- "cluster.info.update.interval=2m"
- "index.merge.scheduler.max_thread_count=1"
- "http.max_content_length=1536mb"
- "index.refresh_interval=60s"
- "bootstrap.memory_lock=true"

What we really want to find out if, will be the hourly indexes is the better option than a single huge daily index?
I want to thank you in advance.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

You'd want to test that to get a definitive answer. But given what info you have provided, I don't think it will, as larger shards are better for search.

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