Daily Reporting

I am currently using the ELK stack to monitor Energy usage in my home. I have nice dashboards set up for Today, Yesterday, Weekly, and so on.

What I am looking to do is now send out an email with either entire dashboards included, or just metrics, like:


I would like to send out an email every day with the previous day's statistics, or dashboard included.

Is there any way to do this currently? I see a workaround seems to be using PhantomJS to create a screencapture, but I was wondering if there is any other way?

You can user Watcher to do this, but it's a commercial product so probably not suitable for home use!

Yeah, it appears Watcher will do what I want to do, but I'm not really looking to pay whatever a subscription might cost me, for my tiny implementation. I think I have phantomjs working at least to generate a .pdf "report" ... now I just need to work on getting it emailed on a schedule.