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How can i wipe of my entire elasticsearch. I am trying to delete all the data from my test elasticsearch. I can use the rest api to delete all of them and it says it worked. But after couple of minutes the shards seem to re appear with the following message.

 "current_state": "unassigned",
    "unassigned_info": {
        "reason": "DANGLING_INDEX_IMPORTED",
        "at": "2017-08-07T05:53:02.119Z",
        "last_allocation_status": "no_valid_shard_copy"
    "can_allocate": "no_valid_shard_copy",
    "allocate_explanation": "cannot allocate because a previous copy of the primary shard existed but can no longer be found on the nodes in the cluster",
    "node_allocation_decisions": [

How can i delete everything in ES.

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you are saying: But after couple of minutes the shards do you start up a new node in that time? Also what version of ES are you using?

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