Dashboard: filter over multiple index patterns


I have two index patterns, both containing a field "stage". Now in a simple dashboard I'm combining visualizations based on both index patterns. What I would like to achieve now is being able to define a filter for this common field "stage" so that all visualizations update accordingly. Unfortunately in Kibana 7.3.1 I'm forced to select a single index pattern. Adding two filters also didn't work because the second filter replaces the first one. Is there any solution I'm overlooking?

Even though you are choosing a single index pattern when creating the filter, it is applied to all visualizations no matter the underlying data source. Could you check whether there is already the right data showing up for all visualizations?

Ah, so I only have to choose a single index pattern in order to get the list of available fields filled? Guess I have misunderstood this.

It's also used for some other things like value suggestions. The filters are always applied to everything. If you ever run into the opposite case and don't want to apply a filter to everything because the field exists only in one of multiple index patterns used on a single dashboard (which would filter out all results, because the filter can't be matched if the field doesn't exist), you can set the "courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex" setting:


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