Dashboards: filter for each query?


in my .json Dashboard (Kibana 3) I have a query defined:

"services": {
        "query": {
            "list": {
                "0": {
                    "query": "*",
                    "alias": "SYSTEM",
                    "color": "#7EB26D",
                    "id": 0,
                    "pin": false,
                    "type": "lucene",
                    "enable": true
            "ids": [

Now I want to display the results in two tables - depending on filters, e.g. status = OK and status != OK.
How can I solve that? Is there any possibility to add a filter only for one panel / table?
Or would having two queries be the way to go?

When I define filters in the filter section like

"filter": {
            "list": {
                "0": {
                    "type": "field",
                    "field": "_type",
                    "query": "TODO",
                    "mandate": "must",
                    "active": true,
                    "alias": "",
                    "id": 0

all tables on the dashboard are filtered.


I think you'll have to go with two queries, as in Kibana 3 queries can be selectively applied to each panel, while filters apply to the whole dashboard.