Data field format question

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I have a date format of "Fri Jul 27 2012 09:44:36 GMT-0400" - quotes are simply to frame the date

I am trying to index it with this Joda format: "E M d Y H:m:s ‘GMT'Z"

It is not working. Throws an error: Invalid format: "Fri Jul 27 2012 09:44:41 GMT-0400" is malformed at "Jul 27 2012 09:44:41 GMT-0400"

If i had a guess, it's the E parameter that is not appreciated but i cannot figure out why, it should accept "Tuesday; Tue" which Fri is an example of.

I was looking for an online Joda validator but can't seem to find one.

I am using the curl XPOST method to load JSON records.

Help appreciated.

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I took another look at this today, and with the help of this site,, was able to refine my date format.

EEE MMM d Y H:m:s 'GMT'Z

matches this, though in theory you do not need the triple E or M...

Fri Nov 20 2015 10:38:43 GMT-0500

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