Data Harmonization

Hello Elastic,

I want to ask do Elastic can do Data Harmonization?

It means that it could group multiple data source, that have the same terms of material and group into one Harmonization Code.

For instance, below image, there is 3 data source from Company : Paradise, Techno and Bakers. They have a material 'paper' however the way they put the description is different but the material is the same which is paper. Then these details will be grouped or harmonized under one Harmonize Code.

Does Elastic have the capability to do this?

This is because in order to do the Searching, we are going to ingest the data that has been harmonized from multiple data source to display the same item.

Thank you.

I suggest you check ingest pipeline. In fact you can use preocessor to modify and enrich your data.
This will allow you add fields ( "type" for example that will hold category of your proeduct ) before indexing your data

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