Data migration between elastic clusters

We have two es clusters, one running on premise and another one on the cloud.
The one premise one can't store data for more than a week.
The cloud cluster retains the data for a longer duration (a few months).
So the indexed documents need to be moved to the cloud with in an hour.
The size of the data for an hour is a few Mbs.

What would the best approach to move the data to the cloud ?
I went through CCR - but doesn't look like a good candidate for this use case.

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Why is that?

Thanks @warkolm

AFAIK, with CCR, data will be deleted from the follower when the data is deleted in the leader. I need to keep data in the leader for say 1 week where as in the follower for say 1 month.

In shorts, I just need to replicate writes - or skip deletes. I don't think CCR allows that.

Ok, then look at running a remote reindex, or snapshot and restore.

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