Data migration from Old to New Cluster

I have a running elaticsearch cluster comprised of two (02) nodes (both master and data).
I wish to migrate my database to a new cluster comprised of seven (07) nodes (3 Master nodes, 2 Data nodes, 1 Coordinator node and 1 ingest node).

 What is the best way to proceede to migrate the database and preserve the indices so I can use the new cluster with my old Kibana node (Use the old dashboards).

Thanks in advance..

I'm not sure what "stage" you are in, but if you new nodes don't yet exist or can be destroyed, I would ADD the new nodes to the existing cluster and eventually turn off the old nodes after the data migration is done by elastic.

Doc: Add and remove nodes in your cluster | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic


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That would be the simplest, if you can do it!
Otherwise you can use snapshot and restore, or a remote reindex.

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