Data Mismatch between csv and logstash


Need help please.

I am pulling data from postgres as csv on a table. The output is one record per data (date based) and the csv file shows, the record count and field values correctly when views in a table format kibana chart.

However, I set it up as a pipeline using logstash and create the same table format report using the file from (logstash--> es-->kibana) option. While the index metrics shows same count of rows, the report only shows one record per week, and the other metric values are incorrect.

Please help.

I can upload screenshots if needed.

[Load csv file in logstash]

Hope this helps you.

I am able to load csv. I am able to run logstash to execute a pipeline to pull data from postgres as well.

The data is at day level and contains 450 rows.
My issue is, while csv file pulls (450 rows) and shows all 450 rows, the sql pull using logstash and pipeline, while metadata metric shows 450 rows, only shows one row a week and not the daily records. I want to be able to get the file generated via logstash to show all the rows.

SOLVED... However, I see an issue. I hope someone from the elastic team will take note and provide an explanation.

This is what's happening.

The data (one record per day), goes back 250 days. When I select 250 days or lesser # of days, going back in history, it shows daily data. However, If I say go back 2 years which is 720 days, it automatically rolls up to a weekly summary.
This is a problem. It should not be doing it. Hope someone can provide an explanation why?

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