Data missing between discover and graphs


I find data missing between the data on discover and graphs. I have used the average of the column "m1" of type numeric in Y axis. And I have used column named time series and "siteId"(numeric) on X axis. All siteID's generate at least a single record for each minute with a valid m1 value. But some of the times, I dont see data passed to this line graph. But, I can see them through the discover tab. I am using Kibana version of 5.2.2. Can anyone please let me know if I am missing anything here.

52 PM


hi @santhoshchn,

when you say "I see them through the Discover-tab", do you mean you see that there is a column in the bar chart at the top of the page, or do you mean you can actually see the individual document in the list?

For your screenshot, are you referring to the lines at the bottom of the chart, the purple ones that seem to interrupt about halfway?

Hi @thomasneirynck, i see the individual document itself. Yes, I am talking about the purple ones. Thanks, Santhosh


can you open the spy-panel (bottom left, grey arrow), and select the Response-tab. Is the data for your purple lines present in the actual response from elasticsearch?


I did not see it in the spy panel nor in the actual response. But, I see it in the Discover-tab as a document.


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