Data node is not reporting CPU


I have a deployment with some hot and warm nodes. One of the hot nodes has not been reporting CPU usage since it was launched. Was hoping it would sort itself out, even tried a restart.

I have tried to edit the deployment, hoping it would get replaced, being an old node. I tried reducing the number of hot nodes, and I tried reducing the memory. None of my changes worked, it is still around.

How do I get rid of a specific node? When reducing the hot node numbers, should it not remove the oldest nodes first?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers,

Is it still an issue, it can (sometimes) take time for old nodes to age out, and new ones refresh.

Yes, it is still an issue. Now I cannot make any changes to my deployments. I get this message when trying to save.

Elasticsearch - Deployment plan definition includes topology element not supported by template [Hot-Warm Architecture]. Instance configuration: [Some(aws.coordinating.m5d)], node types: [Some(ElasticsearchNodeType(Some(false),Some(false),Some(true),Some(false)))]

It'd be worth raising an issue with the Support team on this :slight_smile:

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