Data nodes being ignored by ES cluster for shard allocation

Hi everyone,

I have two nodes with very little number of shards allocated there, distribution across the cluster is skewed due to these two nodes.

I checked and there's far enough disk space in each and also their IPs are not excluded in cluster settings.

How can I find out what's going on ? every reallocation seem to be going to different nodes and never to these ones

Are all nodes in the cluster running exactly the same version of Elasticsearch?

yes they're all running 5.6.2

I run into this every so often and I diagnose it by trying to manually reroute a shard using the cluster reroute API and the explain parameter set. Way at the bottom of the response JSON, you might see the reason.

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Just recalled that I'm using hot/warm architecture and those nodes are marked as "warm". As soon as I changed them to "hot" shards are now being allocated there

Thanks for the help!

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