Data Stream Backing Indice Count

Dose the number of data stream backing indice have any effect on search time performance?

for example if in one year i rollover every one month and in another scenario i rollover every one day, are these two scenarios different in performance?

12 backing indice VS 360 backing indice?

Yes, query performance depends on a lot of factors, e.g. shard size, number of shards queried, cluster size, hardware, mappings, data and the query itself. There is probably an optimal shard size for your scenario but you will need to test/benchmark to find out. I do not think anyone can tell which of the options you listed that us faster. Often you try to identify an optimal shard size which is as large as possible while providi g sufficient performance. Data streams then allow you to set a target shard size and have each index cover a variable time period.

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