Data stream, ILM and refresh_interval


I am using Elasticsearch for a really long time now, mostly for logging data and aggregating. One pattern I am using successfully is the rolling daily indices. Write to the current one and set the older ones to "refresh_interval": "-1" in order to reduce load. (not sure how much of an impact this really has but this is "battle-proven".

I am now looking into data streams and ILM which seem to have professionalised the workflows for my use case by a lot. And a, to me, obvious thing to do is to set older indices to "read only" which can be done via the policy.

What I am wondering though: Does "read only" imply a refresh_interval of -1 or what would be the best way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance

Not much of an impact these days. In older versions it would have helped.

Read only | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic doesn't really state, but an educated guess would suggest it's something like Index blocks | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic

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