Data Sync From Elastic Search to Kibana Not able To Visualize


I am Currently working on Data Sync from CouchBase to Elastic Search and To Kibana

The Issues what i am Facing that ,I cant able to Visualize the All Field which i already have in Elastic search.

There was lots of issues I am Facing .

1)Whenever I UnHide the Field .then i got Message that
his field is present in your elasticsearch mapping but not in any
documents in the search results. You may still be able to visualize or
search on it.

2)then with Warning Doc Value are Not enable with This Field,This May Leads to Heap Consumtion.

I am Not able TO solve this Issues Past 2 Days

I also Followed

Can I get Help to Solve this Issues

I don't have experience with CouchBase. To ease of tracing the problem, may I know structure of CouchBase log in your elasticsearch and indices mapping?

If possible you also cloud provide screenshoot.