Data Table and Tag Cloud filters are not working. Manual filters work properly


I have a user with role that has a read index privileges and Read Kibana privilege for Dashboards and Visualziations.
When i pick value in Control or if i create it manually using + Add Filter it works just fine. But when i click of of the elements in Word Cloud or if I will click + (with magnifier glass) next to the value in Data Table, new filters is not added. Any idea what might be the cause for that and how to fix it?
Stack version: 7.5.0.


This looks like a possible bug. I am going to check in my local and keep you posted.

Looks like it. Whenever i login to Kibana, and go immediately to Dashboard, filters are not working. But when i switch an app to for example Maps and then get back to Dashboard, it works just fine... I created an issue in Github for that case.

Great. Thank you!

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