Data Table Metrics Custom label

I am using ELK stack version 7.7.1 and my data look like that

I am trying to create a Data Table Visualization that has the following information

Date Range: each row shows a predefined period of time like (last year, last month, this month, last week, this week, yesterday)
Total Uploads: the number of records for the give period of time
Number of failed uploads: the number of records where upload_success == 1

I have manage to calculate anything I need but I am having really hard time to change the labels
here is how my table looks like

I would like if it's possible to replace the dates with text (last year, last month...etc) and the most important if I can change the columns name from Overall Sum of Count to something custom.

Here is my configuration

about renaming the column from Overall Sum of Count to something custom it looks like it's a regression issue that it doesn't exist on kibana version 6 and there are a few bug opened on github like this one I mention a quick workaround on the following topic: Custom Label field not available for MaxBucket aggregation.
I am still looking for any suggestions on how to rename the date ranges.

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