Kibana Aggregation renaming term values

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I have an aggregation : Grouping SUM(Ammount) By Value and Type

I want to rename Value and use a friendly description

How i can do this using for example a script as a json input, I don't want to use Kibana scripted field or add thses field at the logstash level

Thanks for your help

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Can you use custom labels and see if it solves your problem?

Here I am using

machine os key words

as my label.

Let me know.

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Thanks for your feedback, This is for a simple table
But I am using a pivot table where Column names (0 & 2) are comming from Term Value
And i want to display Label1 & Label2 instead of 0 & 2 so that can be friendly for end users


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For Pivot Table I'm using Enhanced Table (fbaligand)

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We don't know how external plugins look and behave. The custom label was from the kibana core data table visualization. May be you want to check if they have a label too?


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