Data Table shows No results found, I guess because of unique entries

Hi folks,
i try to visualize a Data Table. I have a XML File which i indexed. I have following issue:
I am not able to get the text of an element of the XML file into the Data Table, because there is a blank line before the XML element closes.

Here is a sample of my XML

Ubuntu 12.04 support ended on 2017-04-30.
Ubgrade to Ubuntu 17.10.

For more information, see:


I just get a data table without plugin_output, if i press "Show missing values".

Following text are shown in the Data Table, when there isn't a blank line at the end:

The following issues were reported :

  - Plugin      : no_local_checks_credentials.nasl
    Plugin ID   : 110723
    Plugin Name : No Credentials Provided
    Message     : 
Credentials were not provided for detected SSH service.

Is there any option I can use without editing my whole XML file?

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I think my problem is something else. I have to play around with visualization a bit more...

I think the problem is because of the Count Metric.
I have unique entries there. Is it possible to show this unique entries in Data Table Visualization?

you can add the field in as a bucket and you'll see all of its values in the table or you can simply go back to your discover tab and see the value there.
To filter your table for that value, add a bucket (or sub-bucket) as 'split rows', in 'sub aggregation' select 'filter' and on the filter space write your restriction, for example, age=20 if you only want lines where the age field is 20.

hope this helps,

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I work with sub-buckets to extract the Plugin Output. I used the "Advanced" option to filter my output. I have 5 different 'risk_Factor' (None, Low, Medium, High, Critical). I get 'plugin_output' for just 4 of 5 'risk_factors' (None - Medium) but when i filter Critical, i get no plugin_output and I don't understand why.

Anyway, thanks for your help

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