Data table visualization that shows the end message combined with the start time of a particular case

I am looking to create a data table using the visualize section, where I track the outcome of multiple cases. Each case will have its own unique identifier to be able to track its lifecycle. To simplify it, I am looking at two fields right now, one being a message field that will produce a certain message at each step of the case's process and the other one being the timestamp of each message. A sample journey of a case may look like this:

|  start     |  08:35:44.434 |
|  process   |  08:50:20.127 |
|  end       | 09:00:10.372  |

Is there a way to create a data table that will show the end message but will have the start timestamp next to it rather than the timestamp that coincides with the end message. I am looking for something that would look like this:

|  end       |  08:35:44.434 |

This data table would then be done with multiple cases that all have the same end message and are combined with the start timestamp for when each case started.

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