Data table visualizations and empty fields

In a data table visualization, I have a field that I use the metric count aggregation on. However, often the field is empty in many documents. When I try to use a bucket to split rows by terms in this field (to see the top counted terms), an empty result does not show up. (The field does exist in the document even when it is empty, and an empty is meaningful to me.) How can I make empty fields also show up in a count?

Or maybe there is a better way to do this (under the assumption that I cannot adjust documents with empty fields to be non-empty)?

Is it an analysed field ? Analysing nothing , yields no terms , so you cant really aggregate on nothing ... however if you're not interested in analysed terms - but the entire field , then you can use a not_analysed mapping on the field (or a .raw version of it) ... using this field in your datatable should display the empty values as well as its an actual blank value.

That is what I ended up doing. Thank you.