Data too large for response [parent]

Hi, could you please help me to understand following exception?

Cluster configuration:
3 nodes
each 6CPU, 32GB RAM, completely on SSD

While making a search request, following exception occours:

[Invalid response returned from ElasticSearch, Request failed to execute. Call: Status code 429 from: POST /_search/scroll?pretty=true&error_trace=true. ServerError: Type: circuit_breaking_exception Reason: "[parent] <mark>Data too large</mark>, data for [<http_request>] would be [16311134374/15.1gb], which is larger than the limit of [16241183948/15.1gb], real usage: [16311133056/15.1gb], new bytes reserved: [1318/1.2kb], usages [request=0/0b, inflight_requests=352448/344.1kb, model_inference=0/0b, eql_sequence=0/0b, fielddata=88850304/84.7mb]"]

It helps across all indicies. What can help to prevent this issue to be fixed? If you need some extra informations, let me know, will reply them back asap.

Hello @uhlirradek95,

Welcome to the community!

This is a circuit breaking exception, to prevent nodes from running out of JVM heap memory.

Pls check this doc for more details: Circuit breaker errors | Elasticsearch Guide [8.10] | Elastic

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