Data Type Conversion of a Field

Hi -
I have consumed a community beat (wmibeat) and running fine and sending the data directly to the Elastic search engine. There are few fields which are been with 'String' data type, even though we get a numeric value. So I couldn't able to perform any aggregation with those fields.

Would you please let me know, how do I change the data type of a field from String to Number. Please let me know.

Thanks !


you cannot change fields or its type after data has been indexed. In order to not hit this in the future, you should make sure, that you have an index template configured, that changes those fields to numeric fields.


Thanks for your reply, @spinscale.

I have tried deploying the Index template, it changes the data type format, but if we restart the service, the Indexes are getting back to the old data type. Is there any way we can change the data type permanently? so that new indexes would work fine. Please let me know. Thanks !

Could some one please help me out here... Thanks !

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