Data types(Map<Object, Object>) in templates

Hello to everyone.
I want to create template for indexing. I don't know how to put Map<Object, Object> (Java) in such templete.
I have right know:

 PUT _template/portal-user
  "index_patterns": "portal-user-*",
  "settings": { "number_of_shards": 5 },
  "mappings": {
      "logs_info": {
        "properties": {
          "userLogin": {"type": "keyword"},
          "localStorage": {"type": "keyword"},
          "cookies": {"type": "keyword"},
          "timeSignIn": {"type": "date"},
          "cookieEnabled": {"type": "boolean"},
          "deviceMemory": {"type": "integer"},
          "geolocation": {"type": "geo_point"},
          "hardwareConcurrency": {"type": "integer"},
          "language": {"type": "keyword"},
          "languages": {"type": "nested"},
          "platform": {"type": "keyword"},
          "userAgent": {"type": "keyword"},
          "window":{"type": "keyword"},
          "origin": {"type": "keyword"}

where window and localStorage have to be a map Map<String, Integer> window and Map<String, String> localStorage. I know that for an arrays of objects it hava to be nesnted and I did it in my example "languages": {"type": "nested"}. But I don't know what it should be for maps.

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