Datastream does not rollover properly

I have a data stream that I am writing to and which has reached its rollover point -- current actions says rollover but there is no 000002 index. Time given for the rollover is 8 hours ago:


  "policy": "dns_logs",
  "phase_definition": {
    "min_age": "0ms",
    "actions": {
      "rollover": {
        "max_size": "5gb",
        "max_age": "1d"
      "set_priority": {
        "priority": 50
  "version": 6,
  "modified_date_in_millis": 1608545491994


the datastream is still still being written to but the document count on 000001 is not increasing and client is not giving any errors.

Any suggestions as to what is going on.

Rollover is based on primary shard size, which still seems below 5GB given that you have a replica configured.

Ah! Thanks! I never thought of that...
I figured it was something simple

You can change the number of replicas at any time so considering the primary shard size makes it consistent.

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