Datastream rollover without dated

Im completely new to ES :slight_smile:

I create some indices and index template - "logs", with a datastream.

The index template is attached to an Index Lifecycle Policy with automatic rollover (default settings (30 days or 50GB)).

Now, I can see that I have an index that is called .ds-logs-2022.08.25-000001 that backing up my datastream.
But, when I have rollover every 30days, having the date as part of the index is pretty useless...

** I didn׳t create any alias when creating my index template...

What should I do if I want my indicies to be like .ds-logs-000001 ? (and after 30 days: .ds-logs-000002)


You should not really worry about this.
If you create a datastream logs, the only index you should look at is logs which is indeed an alias behind the scene.

You should not try to use the concrete index names IMO.

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I see.
Thanks @dadoonet !

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