Datatable/Discover Drilldown to child elements

I have some data in an index similar to below

Name - This is a string
id - This is an integer
childid - This is a csv list of integers stored in a string

So I may have
"Jon", 1, "2,3"
"James", 2, ""
"Lisa", 3, ""

Where James and Lisa are children of Jon, Bert has no child elements

I want to be able to discover all documents which have child id's (simple enough)

But I then want to be able to click/drill down on the child id's to list the documents that have id's matching one of the csv values in Jon so in the above case id=2 or 3

Ideally I would like to visualize JOn/James and Lisa all in one place if I select the child ids on jon

Is there any way of doing this with Discover/Data tables or any other parts of kibana

No, we haven't built this in to Kibana. You may want to look for a Kibana plugin such as

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